Travelling conditions

Conditions of traveling on scheduled coach service running between Budapest and Athens

The service is operated by K. Patrikalos Ltd. (Head office: 8 Lenorman, Athens, Greece).
Colossus Travel Ltd. is the company’s representative in Hungary, consequently all terms of traveling are in full conformity with those of the operating company.



General rules:


I.)   Passengers are entitled to take the journey only on the routes indicated in the traveling coupons  and being covered by the staff of the coach. The coach ticket is valid only for the route and period indicated. Passengers having an OPEN ticket, (the date of return is not given), are requested to validate it by booking seats prior to the return trip.

The ticket shall be considered to be invalid, when:
- the travel coupon is missing
- the travel coupon has lost its validity
- the passenger intends to use it on different route or time as indicated
- the coupon has been altered arbitrarily, there are alterations or cancellations not  officially entered (approved by VOLÁNBUSZ Ld or its authorized representative).
II.)  Passengers are requested to check in 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time of departure.
III.) Reconfirming the time of the return journey return in certain countries must be done with one of the partner travel agencies even if the time of return is clearly indicated in the ticket. Passengers are requested to inquire about the local procedure upon arrival in the country of destination.


Terms of cancellation:


a.) By the passenger: the passenger has to notify K. Patrikalos Ltd. or one of its representatives about the cancellation in writing. As a penalty 30% of the fare is to be paid when the cancellation takes place 3 days prior to the journey; 35% is to be paid within 3 days; and 100% is to be paid when the cancellation takes place on the day of the scheduled journey. The passenger is not entitled to get any refund from the fare if he/she does not turn up at all. b.) By K. Patrikalos Ltd: K. Patrikalos Ltd. has the right to cancel any of its coach services. The company does its utmost to notify passengers about this fact in due time. In this case – upon request of the passenger – K. Patrikalos Ltd.will refund the total amount of the fare. K. Patrikalos Ltd. excludes any other liability to the passenger in this particular case. The passenger is not entitled to claim any kind of compensation in the case when he/she interrupts the journey before getting to the destination or misses the vehicle at departure or at transit stops.

Other conditions:

1.) The passenger is obliged to obey all the rules and regulations relevant to the journey (passport, visa, customs, currencies and sanitary regulations). Losses resulting from failing or violating the particular rules and regulations by the passenger are to be born by him/her. K. Patrikalos Ltd. is entitled to claim compensation from the passenger violating the above-mentioned rules if the passenger’s deliberate action results in losses or damage in the vehicle operated by K. Patrikalos Ltd. or in the property of one of his/her fellow-passengers.
2.) The price of the international coach ticket does not include the price of insurance covering luggage, accident and medical treatment. International travel insurance policy can be taken out and paid separately.
3.) The passenger is allowed to carry only two suitcases and one handbag, which may be taken to the vehicle during the journey. Should the passenger have excess luggage he/she is obliged to notify K. Patrikalos Ltd. or its representative about this fact at the time of   purchasing the ticket. K. Patrikalos Ltd. will charge an excess fee amounting to HUF 12.000,-each suitcase.
4.) K. Patrikalos Ltd. cannot be held responsible for luggage. It is entirely the passenger’s responsibility. Due to this fact passengers are recommended to take out insurance policy for the period of the journey. Should any property left behind on the vehicle K. Patrikalos Ltd. tries to notify the passenger about its whereabouts, however, K. Patrikalos Ltd. takes no responsibility for lost properties.
5.) The passenger is being held responsible for any damage caused to a third person during the journey.
6.) Claims are to be produced in writing to K. Patrikalos Ltd. or its representative within 7 days after accomplishing the journey.
7.) K. Patrikalos Ltd. is obliged to organize the journey from the point of departure up to the point of arrival. 
8.) Should K. Patrikalos Ltd. effect the journey on a vehicle not its own the owner of the replacing vehicle shall be held responsible for any failures or shortcomings that may occur.
9.) K. Patrikalos Ltd. cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the negligence of the passenger or other travel agencies.



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